Home Theater

Sit down, relax in your favorite chair and select the movie you desire. Touch one button and the lights dim, the home theater turns on and the room is transformed into a cinema. Through the darkened room light begins to fill your video screen.

The soundtrack swells and you feel your seven-speaker digital surround sound system come to life with a clarity that makes it real. Your senses are heightened as your are transported magically through each scene, touched by the drama, caught up in the adventure.

Building the perfect home theater begins with selecting the components that suit your individual taste - delivering the clarity, detail and convenience you desire - while working in unison with the balance of the system.

We invest a great deal of time and attention in selecting product vendors that offer a wide enough variety for a broad-based clientele, while ensuring that all systems compliment one another.

  • The following pages list our current vendors in various categories, but if you desire a particular brand, we can provide most major brands at your request, and at more competitive prices than most retail stores.