Movies are not only about being entertained anymore. It’s about seeing, hearing and feeling the entertainment. For instance, the picture is so crisp you can see every detail. With quality speakers and subwoofers, you hear the glass being shattered and feel the explosions shaking the ground beneath you.

The past few times paying admission at the local theater was a huge disappointment. While spending more money than you would to buy the DVD for admission and spending even more money for snacks, having a stranger kicking the back of your seat and having poor quality audio and video, it seems like a no-brainer! Bring quality audio and video to your home and have no need to go to the movie theater again. Why not have dinner and a movie on a Friday night at home? Put your pajamas on, order pizza and relax. Bring the ultimate theater experience right to your living room.

Our goal is to offer the highest level of perfection in sound. Speakers are selected according to many factors including flooring, window treatments, furniture and the receiver powering the speakers. We want you to emotionally connect with the music and movies precisely as the original artist or director intended. Whether you are adding speakers inside or outside, we have many options for the best sound quality within your budget.

Home Theater System:

Floorstanding Speaker:

Bookshelf Speaker:

Center Speaker:

Cinema Speaker:

Surround Speaker:

Architectural Speakers / In-Ceiling Speakers:

Whether you are starting to build a home, office, or if you have an existing structure, we can help. Do you have an existing entertainment center with all of the components exposed to dust and looking cluttered? If you do don't worry! We are experienced in relocating your equipment to a closet so you will never have to look at those components again. Achieve a sleek, clean look. Take a look before and after of the room below. The clunky armoire or bulky entertainment center is no longer needed when electronics are moved into a spare closet. Achieve more floor space in your Family Room by ASD’s professional installation of your Plasma, LCD or LED HDTV mounted on your wall or above the fireplace. 7.1 Surround sound is installed within the wall for an "invisible" front for a clean and invisible affect.